Your Closet Remixed!

Girls always want more new clothes. What we don’t realize is that the fabrics hanging unwarily inside our closets have more potential than meets the eye. We wear clothes according to their purpose; shirts as shirts, skirts as skirts, and dresses as dresses. What would happen if we remixed our own wardrobes? Clothes multiply and our look becomes brilliantly creative.

It is January, the roads are dusted with white, and snowflakes glitter on your lashes. Although a beautiful time of the year, we need to keep warm while looking just as beautiful as our surroundings. Take out your old sweaters and long sleeved shirts you never wear and have been cramming in the back of your closet. Cut the sleeves off of your shirts and sweaters and wear them over leggings and jeans as leg warmers. The longer your sleeves the higher you can wear them on your leg. Also you will have more volume when scrunching them down. Pair your new leg warmers with your favorite pair of boots.

You can jazz up your new leg warmers with buttons, bows, and lace!

Cropped sweaters and collared shirts are a great combo. Dump out your basket of scarves and sift through a pattern and texture similar to a cozy cotton sweater. Drape the scarf across your shoulder blades bringing the two ends in front of your body. Next, begin bringing the scarf ends over your chest crossing one over the other and wrap around your ribs. Where the ends would come together behind your back you would sew together as well as another loose end at the back. Wear as a sexy cropped sweater with jeans, or style your new sweater up with a crisp button down shirt.

T-shirt hoarding is something females engage in habitually. For some reason we develop odd emotional attachments with our old t-shirts. I mean high school track was awesome and all but why do we still have our shirt? For those moments when we become smugly scissor happy, that’s why. Re-use your old t-shirt by cutting the bottom into small strips to create your own fun, fringe, belly top.

Other Daily Mixes: 

•Belt large sweaters to wear as a dress with fun colored tights or leggings.

•Wear your skirts as tops. If tight, wear as is similar to a sexy tube top. If more volumey add a thin belt to sintch and show off your figure.

•Wear your thin colored, patterned scarves as bold belts with your favorite jeans.

•Gather old flannel shirts, cut out oval patches to sew onto your cardigans for a trendy elbow garnish.


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