90s Inspired

In light of the lovely Ohio University Advertising Association hosting a nineties social this evening I was inspired to explore back to our childhood fashion sense. So dust off your old N’Sync and Backstreet Boys CD’s, hang proud your Spice Girls posters, and blind yourself with bold, block colors because this post is dedicated to all you nineties babes!

Getting in the mindset of realizing you are actually old enough to reminisce a fashion period you were alive for, I want to highlight a few of our favorites.

Will Smith was our Obama and Fresh Prince was an after school must. Cory and Topanga are forever in our hearts, while Clarissa DID kind of explain it all. Spice girl lollipops, although still completely unaware of the flavor, were unbelievably crave-able and a necessity. Tamagotchis were considered live pets, and phrases like “As if,” and “Whatever” were common language. Jennifer Anniston is still referred to as “Rachel Green.” Tickle Me Elmo was not considered creepy whatsoever, and the Power Rangers demonstrated that you can do anything in tight, shiny spandex.

So lets bring it back to when Macaulay Culkin was home alone, because this truly is Nuthin but a G Thang.

Grunge. It was acceptable to look greasy and ragged. In fact, it was cool. Baggy, unwashed, ripped jeans were complemented with clunky boots and oversized shirts.

Classy. Cher and Dee would never let Ty out of the house in a grunge look. Instead this clueless trio was focused on dressing to impress in schoolgirl skirts, soft velvets, and collared shirts.

Elton might be seen dressing to impress Cher in a button-up under a sweater-vest, completed with a tweed or corduroy jacket and an oversized cell phone.

Colors. Why not wear several different colors in each outfit? There were no sweatpants too bright for the nineties. If you look like a Rubik’s Cube, you’ve hit the nail on the head!

Denim. Denim Denim Denim. Say that word three times in a row. Suspiciously similar to the Super Mario music for N64. Yes the nineties could absolutely be seen to revolve around denim. Denim overalls. Denim shirts. Denim skirts, jackets, vests, dresses, you name it!

Spandex. All shapes and sizes; shorts or pants. The tighter the better. And the best part was that you can wear them with anything! Don’t hate, this eighth layer of skin has made its comeback with leggings continually testing new patterns and colors.

Florals and Flannel. Patterns were not just supported but encouraged. The top two patterns ring true through innocent florals and bold, wear with anything flannel pieces.

Windbreakers. Back when you didn’t have to tell anyone where you were going. People could hear where you were going.

Cropped Shirts and High Waists. What has changed since the 90s is the dimensions of our clothes. Our jeans became ultimate low risers, and belly tops expose a small strip of our core between our top and pants. The 90s didn’t mess around with cropped shirts. The fabric of the shirt rose, and so did our pants.

Shoes. Lets not forget about our old high-tops, jellies, and the ever-popular clogs that got us through the decade.

Special Thanks. Slap bracelets, Baby G watches, chocker necklaces, butterfly clips, and scrunchies.

Now that you have refreshed your memory, go give your Nickelodeon Gak a good squeeze and get ready to party like the 90s!!!!


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