Waterproof Your Look

As us Athenians know, rain comes and goes. Sometimes it graces us more often than expected. You don’t need to water down your vibe on a rainy day. Make a decision in the morning to either go with warm, stylish, waterproof options, or wear what you want and rock it out despite the weather.

There are so many different colors and designs to rain boots these days you are sure to find a pair you love that also compliments your dry ensemble.

Popular Hunter boots sold at Zappos.com

After braving the wetness, store your boots over a rock-filled tray to catch the water and keep the rest of your home dry.

Lucky for you, rain jackets are upwardly trending! Cute cool tones to vibrant colors and patterns will keep you dry this wet season. Keep your jacket open, buttoned, zipped, or belted to your personality.

Pull it all together…

If you have decided on a less tailored look, wear what you want, stomp through the puddles, and dance in the rain! Who said clothes don’t dry?

You can always clean them later!

So you look great. You feel great. But now your hair is frizzing. The best ways to deal with rain air hair is to sport a stylish head covering, an up-do such as the trendy high bun, or to the girls who abuse their straighteners – let your waves loose.

Try out a beanie or a colorful scarf to contain your hair.

Smooth your hair back in a well-crafted high bun, or display a more tousled feel with a messy or lopsided bun.

When I let my hair wave, I like styling it with moose product such as Aussie.

If you could care less about frizz, I highly encourage you to play in the rain solely because you can!

Remind yourself of all the things you LOVE about the rain:

The smell of rain,

Falling asleep to thunderstorms,

How the rain makes your apartment feel cozier

Kissing in the rain

Don’t let the rain put a damper on your day. Play with your clothes. Play in the rain. Dance like everyone is watching.



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