A collar a day

Collared shirts have become a staple item of clothing, draping in our closets ever so lightly, patiently waiting to bust out and neatly button around our bods. Their structure provides freedom to toy with the fabric and engage in a possibly new fashion experience.

A collared shirt does not always imply preppy, and no you do not have to pop it. But I do urge you to embrace the collar by trifling with your current ones, pairing them with some of your recent favs.

This past week I have incorporated a collared shirt into my look each day. I normally don’t wear collared shirts often, so this week was a chance for me to be creative with colors, textures, and layers.


Day 1: Thursday January 26 – Raindrops falling on my head

I chose to wear a red plaid collared shirt under a trench-like, navy jacket to brighten up and compliment my rainy day ensemble. The quirky pattern adds a new color pallet to an outfit, while the collar provides textures worth layering on a damp day. The style is laid back and comfortable.

Day Two: Friday January 27 –Freakin’ weekend

Friday was still pretty chilly waiting for the rain to mellow out. Although I love a good pajama day, I decided to get dressed for my incoming visitor. Pairing a denim-collared shirt under an oversized long sweater not only kept me warm throughout the day but also, transpired a carefree, tailored look. With a pair of leggings, thick socks, and riding boots I took this look to dinner at Casa Nueva for refreshing food, drinks, and company! Ah the wonders of denim.


Day Three: Saturday January 28 – Every hour happy hour

This Saturday, my friend Casey Link followed the red brick road to Athens to pursue interest in furthering her education at OU! Although, I have a very laid back style ((and personality)) I wanted to tone it up a bit this Saturday and have an adventure of a day – It’s Saturday, why not right?!

 I took a loose fitting, black collared shirt and sinched it at the waist with a piece of black fabric. This collared look truly displays the easy-going down for whatever attitude. It is loose, but shows off your curves. I tied the fabric in a bow in the back, but feel free to tie it a new way! You can also use ribbon, string, belts, and more.  Go Crazy.

Pair up with jeans or leggings and some tall boots.

Day Four: Sunday January 29 – SUN day Sunday!

And the prep surfaces! I know you were waiting for it. I wanted to take advantage of this gorgeous Sunday breaking out the shades and spending the afternoon outside with my puppy, Tiffin (named after Tiffin Hall).

 A crispy, white collared shirt underneath a crewneck sweater embellishes an average, any-day outfit. The look is clean, fresh, and well constructed. Jazz it up with some fun colored collars to give this look a new feel.

She’s a rascal…

Day Five: Monday January 30 – School Girl Inspired

Monday Monday. Back to school. After a phenomenal weekend with friends and beautiful weather, it was time to get in the mindset of midterms. A wide-collared, loose sweater over a button-up illuminates a contemporary schoolgirl uniform look. The opening of the sweater shows off more of the collared shirt providing more freedom to play. The collar is not reduced by a crewneck, and able to fall open to a lower v-neck. I like that the look is unfinished with the white falling out the bottom of the sweater giving off a more casual look.

Day Six: Tuesday January 31 – Get a job!

Collared shirts are an absolute necessity for those real people out in the world. Work, interviews, and career fairs – collars fill a room. Collars under blazers always look fierce, so get on that. I went with black on black, giving off a bold cohesive look while speaking with college recruiters. I fancied up my look with one punch color and some soft hues that compliment.

At professional events it is important to look nice but also stand out. Sift through your clothes and turn your suit into a color of your personality. I also really like when people wear colored button-ups under their blazers with the button-up collar over top of the blazer collar.

Day Seven: Wednesday February 1 – Chillax

So we are half way through midterm week, the career fair is over, and it is hump day. Find some time today to chill. You have submitted some resumes, taken some tests, written a few papers, now look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Grab your leggings, favorite boots, and large comfy sweater. Break out the plaid again to give off the vibe – yup, it’s Wednesday, I’m totally Zen and comfortable. I look good. I’m doing big things, and now I am chillin’. I know on this blog we are constantly dancing for everyone to see how awesome we are, but today take some time to dance for yourself.

I hope my collar a day inspired you to rethink a couple button-ups tucked away. I challenge you to have fun getting ready, and incorporate new pieces into your wardrobe.

Whether it’s a pressed collar under a chunky sweater, or risky business style and you’re rocking a white button-up, panties, and socks — dance to your own beat.

Make it work.



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