Spring Load your Winter Wardrobe

Athens has been blessed with beautiful sunshine and warmer weather this past week, teasing us Court Street walkers in hopes that spring is near. However, the not so welcome yet gracefully dusted snow has proven that foolish little groundhog was right and winter is not over…yet!

The fact that winter is still with us does not mean we should disregard fun colors, and soft patterns. If our spring skirts and dresses are not locked away somewhere that we can forget their existence until next season, they are hanging in our closets for us to seldom touch the fabrics and sigh. Hmmm.

Bust out your spring staples, mix and match with your winter must-haves, and layer it up!


Dresses under sweaters with black tights and boots.

Complete this look with an open cardigan accentuating layers, or a pullover sweater that develops texture.

Embrace fun patterns and colors you often over look. Take a pencil cut skirt or dress you’ve been waiting for the “right time” or “right place” to wear. Slap a sweater on. Boom! Everyday wear!

I rarely wear this animalistic purple print dress because it is zesty and I am always waiting for the perfect occasion. The contrast of the pure white sweater gives off a bold, but winteresque vibe. 

Oversized, warm grey and orange H&M skirt/tube top (well I wear it as either at least) :p


All out colors tied in with black tights

Same H&M orange + blue denim tied shirt and black sheers


Shorts with sheers and frumpy sweaters

Embrace the clothes you have and rekindle your friendships with shorts, skirts, florals, and brights.


Have a Grand Weekend!!!!


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