Romantically Involved

Celebrate being soft, feminine, and whimsical

With Valentine’s Day approaching I wanted to embrace femininity and soft beauty through whimsical fabrics and graceful style.

Beauty truly surfaces from within, and feeling sexy and confident in your own skin exudes alluring charm.

Long Flowy Textures – dramatic length + layers and layers of elegant fabric


Soft pinks, creams, and lavenders – Colors of romance


Luscious Lavender + Cream Sandals

I need to start wearing pearls with everything. Sophisticated Sexy.


Bold red and orange and pinks – Color blocking self-confidence

Paint your path vibrantly.

Blocks of Color + Nude Heels

Soft, effortless hair – Swept away strands

Smoldering smokey eyes & soft curls

Spread the Love – for you, for others. Feel sexy, sensual, and confident 

Chocolate and Coffee, all a lady needs

-Kate Spade

Dance like everyone is watching. Kiss like no one is watching

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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