As much as I love the freedom of Athens Fashion, there is something about chic, playful, try almost anything City Style that arouses me. Have you ever noticed walking around in a city that everyone looks good. EVERYONE! Well almost everyone, there are the occasional not-so-goods, but our eyes are drawn apart.

I have been in the lovely city of Chicago, IL the past couple of days soaking up new contacts, great company, good food, and well-dressed people.

This city welcomes people and personal style in a way that is what I like to call “Chicago Nice(Ultra outwardly pleasant and inviting, accepting and embracing individuality). People expose outward friendly personalities, complete with resonating attitudes that give off an idiosyncratic aura! – Ah beautiful.


So what is one thing that girls fantasize and recognize in the city? — SHOES!!!

Oh yes ladies, drink it in…Pumps will be forever in style. Excessive sparkles are completely common and most definitely intriguingly necessary these days. Compliments of Urban Outfitters, embracing the bright, fun qualities of sparkle pumps, as well as the classiness and sex appeal of standard black pumps. Party on.

One of my top favorite things of all time, up there with BreyersMint Chip” ice cream, is bargain shopping and a great deal. Even at pricier stores, ladies (and gents) you must learn to hold out for the sale. Shout outs to Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor LOFT – well rounded, great sales. Other times, H&M and Forever 21 are my go to’s.


Noted: The stores visited in the city were very tempting with new, lavish spring collections. Yes I am writing this post in remaining chill weather and rain, HOWEVER it is indeed a leap year, March is here and we are entering the transition period. Let the spring colors and patterns peak out and intermix with current “keep-me-warm” clothes. Spring is on its way.

Chicago is busting out the colors and crops!

Bringing back high waists, lace, and drop necklaces. Love.

I love the flowing, sheer fabrics busy with all different patterns. I am actually becoming drawn to doubling (or if you dare tripling) patterns in one ensemble.

Bold reds, purples, and golds, loving on some soft pastel pinks and powder blues. Don’t discriminate cross-color relationships! Mesh your colors and patterns together during your transition period to spring.

I am fully aware of STILL trying to keep up with New Years resolutions and prepping for dare I say it…”beach season.” January wasn’t that long ago was it? Woops. Well, those of you Catholics out there it is officially Lent as well. With everyone’s limits, wishes, diets, and exercise don’t forget to treat yourself. You deserve it.

Long day of shopping. Refuel!

Chicago deep dish pizza – DUE Restaurant (mmmmm)

My lucky purchases of the trip – Black, cotton H&M tank dress, Layered Cake Urban Outfitters sweater, muted pink shimmery crop, and turtle shell sunglasses from Forever 21. Success.

Road back to Athens.

All glorious vacas have to end some time. Back in Athens ready to finish out the quarter and begin Spring! Cannot wait to return to Chicago soon!


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