Back to Basics

Mid Last week of classes and finals week are here, my first thoughts go to sweats, UGGs, and a ponytail. Inspired by simplicity, I want to devote this blog post to the elegance of basics.

Less is more.

Still look and feel sexy in something loose, casual, and basic.

Keep it Simple

Keep it You

During finals I realize I am guilty of going straight for comfy because we’re just going to be in the library or at a coffee shop anyways right? Wrong. Use up your final weeks of the quarter, yes to get your work done, but to socialize and play with friends. We are all about to go on break, might as well make the best of our days.

Soak up the nice weather, grab lunch with the girls, catch up over a latte, and study casually.

Jeans and a T-shirt never looked and felt so good…


One thought on “Back to Basics

  1. I bow down to the queen of casual chic. Here’s to a comfy and relaxed finals week, and to ending our undergraduate career in style – lattes in hand!

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