Minty Fresh & Floral Pressed

At first us ladies were only tempering with the fade, tint, and wash to our blue jeans. Thank goodness for Spring season bringing in beautiful color pallets, females are able to jazz up their bottom half by playing with hot, must have, bold and pastel pants! Ah the freedom of matching our pants to the lovely tulips outside!

I love that the colors are not necessarily bold primary colors, but faded robins egg blue, dusty rose, salmon, lavender, and more…

The colors are fun and eye-catching. When first discovering these candy-colored gems of clothing, I immediately fell for them but questioned if I even had anything to wear with such vibrant colors. Just from glancing at the photos above, my questioning is now out of line. Women can match their pant colors to their shoes, they can mismatch patterns and colors, or simply color block by placing an alternate color on top, paired with different colored shoes (and maybe a scarf, if you’re feeling zesty).

The color I would like to feature is the increasingly popular, numerous shades of MINT.

So fresh…

I decided to give it a go myself…

Just like a tasty Andies Candy 🙂

(My sister, Amber and I. Mint vs. Strawberry)

Embrace the blooming colors of Spring. Be noticed. Colored pants are just another great way to pick a color that embodies you, make you stand out, and certainly look good and feel great living life in color.

Play with your pants!


One thought on “Minty Fresh & Floral Pressed

  1. This trend is SO us – minty fresh for you, hot pink for me. Can’t wait for those sunny days when we can rock our bold colors freely, while we continue our search for the perfect navy & white striped boatneck to match. xoxo

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