Spring Cleaning


spring cleaning

It has been awhile since I have last posted. My last week of classes, finals, and spring break have blurred together and are now ended. Although the weather in Athens, OH is still a little chilly, the sunshine and floral blooms indicate spring has sprung!

It is time to store away the chunky grey knits, and resurface those soft-to-touch skirts and tanks. Spring Cleaning is in order: both physically and mentally.

In this transition period of seasonal change I wish to focus on a few things myself:

  • Reorganize the blog – I wish to broaden my essence of discussions on this blog to a more living well and free vibe. I will still discuss topics of fashion and beauty, in addition to topics on different lifestyles, creating, cooking, inspiring, and making it work while having fun along the way.
  • Operation find a job
  • Restructure and transition myself – student to graduate
  • Celebrate and laugh with friends and family as much as humanly possible

It is time to press forward leaving our winter blues behind us, clean out the clutter in our lives, and focus on what is important.

Celebrate life, play with today…